is an end-to-end creative strategy, consultation and production studio focusing on the evolution of virtual experiences.


Why start another creative studio?

Events of the early 2020’s have touched on some topics that are very important to us - Covid became the catalyst for an unprecedented revival in public interest in virtual worlds, something that we have been experimenting with since 2015.

We began our studio out of frustration that this revived interest fell under the cripplingly broad and vague concept of the Metaverse. The Metaverse concept brought a lot of finance interest into the fold of virtual environment design, and in our opinion the result has been less than favorable.

There is a rich lineage of design, architecture and storytelling that has been leapfrogged over because of this frenzied and immediate growth mindset. We started this studio because we know what’s missing, what’s being missed, and what to contribute.

What are your values?

We are architectural in spirit, and believe that navigable virtual landscapes consisting of a synthesis of information, experience and atmosphere can become the most enjoyable and engaging form of arts and culture in the context of a screen.

Most of us already have the capacity to understand this fully navigable 3D space in the context of video games. Why not construct our information and cultural spaces in the same language?

There is an incoming generation growing up on Minecraft and Roblox - their capability for navigating virtual worlds is innate. The ways in which we create and share information and culture in the context of computers should evolve to meet this new class of perception.

We believe that a moment occurs during a transition away from a screen, whether stepping out of VR, or simply looking up from your phone, that is just as important as the moments within those virtual environments - digital landscapes give us a reference point of comparison to the complexity, density and beauty of our physical, sensory landscape. What we create on a digital display should aim to create a renewed sense of gratitude and appreciation for the beauty, complexity and resolution of our IRL experience.

The relationship between virtual and physical is not a zero sum game. Only through conscious human effort we are entrusted to make them harmonize with one another.

What are your capabilities?

We are perpetually learning new software and new techniques. Interesting things often happen at the intersection of multiple sets of skills and practices. We value being generalists over extreme specialists, casting a wide net and finding the magic that exists on the border between capabilities.

Currently these capabilities are in:

  • Experiences and experiments with WebGL and Three.JS
  • Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Games and experiences in Unity and Unreal Engine
  • Web design/concept development
  • Spatial sound and sound design
  • Spherical video/photo
  • Photogrammetry and 3D scanning
  • Visuals for LED Installation
  • Media/Art Installations
  • Project Management
  • Exhibition design, both physical and digital
  • Consultation on all of the above
Who are your ideal clients?

Our background is in the exhibition design of museums and galleries, as well as producing creative media for large and small business enterprises. We prioritize our search toward clients and collaborators who have the capacity to be collaborative, flexible and decisive.

We are not afraid of ambiguity, and appreciate clients who are on the frontiers of their subject, sometimes working within fields or using techniques that are not fully defined yet.

Above all, we search for people who value their network, and who have an interest in building meaningful projects and relationships that can expand over time.

Where are you?

Our studio is in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

If you have an urgent question or request, you can email us at info@nyio.us

Some Collaborators + Partners:

A black grided field stretches back and up, blurring in the distance. In focus, near the viewer, a stack of five stones sitting, balanced, atop each other.